Miyerkules, Pebrero 12, 2014

Our Smarter Way Of Business Planning --- Online

As a startup company I can say our management is generous enough to let us search and review several applications and softwares to fit in as tools for us to achieve maximum efficiency in everything we do, well, is one of our company culture so we have no choice; “work smarter not harder” and always your radar “ON” for latest, cost effective and reliable applications. But you only can really appreciate such company culture when you know how the hard way and the smarter way compares.

In this article will start with business planning, this is the blueprint of any business anyway off course given the sudden “lightbulb” moment of the management ideas which is the birth of the business plan itself. So comparing the harder way and smarter way of business planning I will use our Live Plan application findings, it is a web based business planning tool we used on several projects we have.

Check the slideshow for our findings why it is smarter to use Live Plan with business planning.

Two among Live Plan advantages that fitting us well so far; mobility and team collaboration capability. Our management is based in Australia and its not giving us any hard time receiving changes in plans and giving updates from the business plan in actions here in Philippines because its real time and on-the-go, therefore it’s a breeze.

Our recently actioned business plan is  Website Transformers project, it is an online division of Set and Forget Marketing catering website for mobile needs.

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